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Apple Mail, Gmail IMAP, play nicely!

Every so often, my blissful rage against linux is interrupted by some obnoxious hassle in my apple/google world. Mail connects via IMAP to gmail? Check! But what’s this? Mail automatically downloads all of my shitty spam from gmail? Cannot have! Do not want! Other syntax memes employed!

The solution is buried deep in google labs, and by deep, I mean one layer down. Here’s the fix:

  1. Cut a hole in a box
  2. Login to your gmail account, go to “settings” then “Labs”
  3. Under Labs, enable “Advanced IMAP Controls”
  4. Then, go to “Labels”. You’ll find a brand new check box next to each label, asking your permission to show that label when accounts sync by IMAP. Uncheck the spam box.
  5. Profit!

Ahhhhh, bliss. Now I can go back to loathing how Ubuntu renders on-screen fonts. Uggggggh.

12 Signs That The Recession Has Hit The Internet

The United States economy is in a funk. Food prices are up, oil is through the roof, real estate has collapsed, and credit is becoming scarce. Here are 12 signs to look for when the recession hits the Internet:

  1. Digg.com moves their server over to Dreamhost
  2. Jeff Bezos delivers his TED talk with a GoldenPalace.com tattoo across his naked chest
  3. i can affordz cheezburger?
  4. Drew Curtis switches to Pabst Blue Ribbon
  5. For $20, Rick Astley will show up to do it in person.
  6. Woot.com starts accepting payment in Flooz
  7. Jeph Jacques sells all remaining ad space to Warner Music Group
  8. Nigerian spammer steals your identity, only to return it 3 days later when he finds out your credit score
  9. Scoble spruces up resume for sweet new gig as Hugh MacLeod’s intern
  10. StuffWhitePeopleLike? Liquidity.
  11. Guy Kawasaki trades in his MacBook for a Dell
  12. You hire a PHP Developer for $12 an hour through elance.com, and it turns out to be Matt Mullenweg