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I Spy, With My Little Bmon

So, it’s been a little while. Rehab was great, then I did a little walk through the Colorado Mountains that lasted 9 months, now I’m back and more command line idiotic than ever I was.

I built a little rsync script that uploads all of the audio from my recording studio hard drive to a backup drive on my home network. Why? Because mozy.com has a stupidly slow upload limit, and carbonite won’t allow you to backup external drives. So, rsync, cron, a home network and $100 hard drive from costco to the rescue. I’ll give a detailed outline of how I built the system later, but for now, just a little tool to alert you to.

The rsync job, when it runs, takes forever, and chews up a ton of bandwidth on the home network. I wanted a quick way of logging in remotely and seeing, in realtime, how much bandwidth was being used by the home server (a Linux Mint mediabox, mostly). My initial plan was to call my wife at home, have her fire up the monitor and read the numbers to me, but that only works twice, then she stops taking my calls.

Bmon to the rescue.

sudo apt-get install bmon

It’s simple, it’s quick, it works, it has fancy (ascii) graphics if you want them, and it tells you at a glance just how much of your network pipe is being sucked down by a silly little backup script from a remote studio computer.