I am not a linux guru, just a guy who is trying to figure out how to setup and administer a web server. Along the way, I’ve figured out how to do some things, and I post them as tutorials. These are all written in plain language, for the benefit of fellow clueless hobby geeks. If you have questions or comments, you can leave them on the individual posts for each tutorial.

Up the WP

Bash, WordPress
A simple little script to update wordpress simply and quickly. Think of it as step 1 in avoiding malicious attacks.

Bash it! Bop it! Script it!

Bash, Command Line
How to write a bash script, where to save it, how to execute it, and how to add it to the list of regular shell commands from the .bash_profile file.

I C U Scurvey-Dev-Core

Ubuntu, Debian, APT
A quick demonstration of how to use ‘apt-cache show’ to give details on any package you are about to install. I became frustrated with following tutorials that are just running lists of things to install, and starting using this method to teach myself more about linux packages.

Plate Up! Bash Script for Apache vhost Setup

Apache2, Bash
This script automatically creates the needed folders, index.html file, log files, and apache config file for a new virtual host in Apache2. I wrote it for my own personal use, and am now releasing it out into the wild.

Migrating Your MySQL Database from Dreamhost

Bash, MySQL, Dreamhost
It took me the better part of a day to figure out how to migrate a large MySQL database away from Dreamhost into my new Debian server. This tutorial shows you how to do it in about 3 minutes. Sweet!