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Shared Hosting is Awesome!

Until I get my VPS server up and running, I’m hosting Command Line Idiot on a shared hosting plan with Dreamhost. Shared hosting is awesome!

Here’s the uptime report on the server that’s hosting the blog.
11:32:24 up 38 min, 3 users, load average: 266.63, 259.39, 230.23

For the uninitiated, that means that the current demand on the server is overloaded by 26,600%. It would take 266 servers to handle the load they’ve dumped on this one single wheezing box that my blog is sharing.

The end result? It just took 9 minutes for the main page of Command Line Idiot to load.

farting in an elevator

I know starting a new blog, getting 15,000 hits from Stumble Upon, then ignoring everyone has all the tact of farting in an elevator, but the CLIdiot blog will be on hold for two weeks. I’ll be in Italy, because my life is more fabulous than you can even imagine, and I don’t intend to spend my nights getting postfix to work. Thus, no tirades or swear-filled rants.

I’ll be back soon. And if you don’t think getting IMAP configured will whip me up into a frenzy, you don’t know the CLIdiot.