at least they promise to upgrade the bag

I decided to go with Ubuntu. Even though I was mocked by everyone on the #linuxstuds IRC channel, I really do like the fact that there is a tutorial published for pretty much anything you would ever want to do. Even if they are written by 12-year-olds, at least you have something to follow.

Now I have to decide if I want to use Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, or Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn. According to my friends on the linx forums, 6.06 was a hand-rolled paper bag of donkey feces, but ubuntu promises to continue upgrading the bag for the next 5 years, whereas 7.04 is a catastrophic collage of completely unworkable dependencies, but you get to install Apache 2.2 without having to compile it yourself.


I’ve decided to upgrade to 7.04 for two reasons:

  1. My computer experience is almost entirely on Mac, which has conditioned me to accept every new upgrade with no worry that it might break anything in my existing setup.
  2. I like watching the little lines of text fly by when you do major package upgrades. I’ll be honest, this second reason accounted for 6 of my 28 rebuilds. I just love opening up every source in the apt-get list, pinging the bejeezes out of them, and upgrading 200MB worth of data.

Eventually, I should settle down and actually build a stable system. Not today though. I’m going to go apt-get my happy place again.

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